Jartoo Heated Blanket Review: Year-Round Comfort with Space-Age Rapid Heating Technology

May 25, 2024

Whether it's a slight chill on a summer night or the harsh cold of winter, the Jartoo heated blanket delivers instant warmth and cozy life. Utilizing aerospace-grade carbon nanotube film, this blanket offers rapid, efficient heating and a significant energy saving of up to 50%. Ideal for any season, its high performance is grounded in advanced technology to illustrate Jartoo’s pursuit of “Innovation for Cozy Life”.


Core Technology—Apalos™ FlexHT:

Jartoo's electric blankets are renowned for their use of carbon nanotube film, a material celebrated for its exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity in aerospace applications. This innovation not only ensures quick and efficient heating but also provides uniform warmth that seamlessly integrates the sophistication of aerospace technology with home comfort.


Health-Focused Heating—Far Infrared Technology:

The far infrared technology in Jartoo blankets penetrates deeply into body tissues, enhancing circulation and relieving muscle tension. This method is beneficial for all seasons, making it perfect for recovery post-exercise in summer or for extra warmth during the winter.

Energy Efficiency:

The Jartoo heated blanket’s design significantly reduces energy consumption, using only 0.64 kWh over an eight-hour period and offering a 50% energy saving compared to traditional electric blankets. This outstanding energy efficiency not only lowers electricity bills but also supports a sustainable lifestyle.


Comfort Experience:

Crafted from double-sided flannel and featuring a coil-free construction, the blanket provides unparalleled softness and even heat distribution. It comes with adjustable temperature settings ranging from 95℉ to 131℉ to suit personal comfort preferences.


Safety First:

With a low-voltage 24V system and enhanced safety features like overcurrent protection and circuit defense, the Jartoo blanket is designed to be safe for all, including pets and infants. The incorporation of chew-resistant materials further ensures the safety of household pets.


Easy Maintenance:

The blanket's machine washable and dryable features facilitate effortless upkeep, allowing it to remain fresh and hygienic with minimal effort. Adhering to the manufacturer's cleaning guidelines ensures prolonged durability and performance.



The Jartoo heated blanket, with its state-of-the-art Apalos FlexHT heating technology and focus on eco-friendliness, offers a safe, fast, and even heating experience throughout the year. It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to combine comfort with energy efficiency.